How does one become a member of HPA-DC, you ask?  Just get involved!  Consider this your Hogwarts letter (or, in light of JKR’s recent revelations on Pottermore, your Ilvermorny letter!).  Dumbledores’s Army is always recruiting, and HPA-DC is always happy to welcome new members!

Are you currently a member? Make sure you’ve filled out our Membership Questionnaire!


Chapter meetings and events are somewhat sporadic, so definitely keep an eye on our website and on our social media for updates!  You can join our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter, since we post a lot of our news in those two locations; you can also join our email list by emailing the chapter officers at!  Our chapter participates in both social justice activism and social events, so keep an eye out!


Social media campaigns are one of the easiest ways to get involved!  Social media campaigns will be listed on our Campaigns Page as well as our Facebook group, so definitely feel free to jump in online.


HPA-DC defines active members as members who have participated in two or more events in the past 3 months.  Events can include campaign events, general meetings, chapter meetups, and social media events, so we’re pretty flexible about how our members engage with us!  Only active members are eligible to earn points for the DC House Cup or run for officer positions, so make sure you are taking advantage of opportunities to participate! HPA-DC recognizes that many people have been unable to participate in early events, so if you are interested in an interim chapter officer position and are not sure if you meet the requirements, please feel free to email the current officers at, and we can work it out!


Speaking of the officers, HPA-DC has four officer positions: Chapter Organizer, Director of Member Engagement (aka the “engagement wizard”), the Director of Finance (aka the “finance wizard”), and the Director of Logistics (aka the “logistics wizard”).  Elections are held in early September.  To learn more about our current officers, please check out our Officers Page.


The DC House Cup will run from March to September, leading up to a party in honor of the winning House and our chapter elections!  Officers will be explaining how points will be assigned for all campaigns and meetings taking place during that time, so definitely try to come to our general meetings and keep an eye on our Facebook page, Twitter, and this website!  Remember, you can only earn points once you have achieved Active Member status, so take advantage of opportunites to get involved and to earn points for your House!