DC House Cup

We began the 2017 House Cup at the end of February and the standings are as follows:

Gryffindor Hourglass Hufflepuff HourglassRavenclaw HourglassSlytherin Hourglass

          Gryffindor                     Hufflepuff                    Ravenclaw                      Slytherin

            0 points                            0 points                        0 points                            0 points

Congratulations to Hufflepuff for winning the 2016 House Cup!

Want to help your House win?  Come by our events, join our Facebook group, and make sure you’re staying up to date on House Cup challenges throughout the summer!  Remember: only Active Members are able to accrue points for their Houses.  For more information, please visit our membership page.

If you are already an Active Member, please be sure to fill out our Member Questionnaire so that we can accurately track your participation for the DC House Cup!